Past Grant Recipients Recent Grants approved by the Hearst Foundations

Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

To establish the William Randolph Hearst Scholars program for advanced nurse education.

Year: 2017
City: Aurora
State: Colorado
Grant Amount: $250,000

Children's Hospital Corporation

Toward the NICU-to-Nursery program.

Year: 2017
City: Boston
State: Massachusetts
Grant Amount: $200,000

Children's Institute of Pittsburgh

To support the construction of the Behavioral Health Unit.

Year: 2017
City: Pittsburgh
State: Pennsylvania
Grant Amount: $50,000

Children's Medical Research

To support research and programming in the Adolescent Medicine department.

Year: 2017
City: Oklahoma City
State: Oklahoma
Grant Amount: $200,000

Christ Community Health Services Inc.

Toward the construction of a new health care center.

Year: 2017
City: Memphis
State: Tennessee
Grant Amount: $50,000

Community Medical Center Foundation

Toward the acquisition of high fidelity simulation equipment for RWJBH Hamilton Hospital and RWJBH Community Medical Center Hospital.

Year: 2017
City: Tom's River
State: New Jersey
Grant Amount: $100,000

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