Funding Limitations

The Foundations do not fund:

  • Organizations operating outside the United States
  • Organizations with audited expenses under $1 million
  • Organizations involved in publishing, radio, film or television
  • Organizations seeking support for festivals, tours, conferences, workshops or seminars
  • Organizations seeking support for advocacy or public policy research
  • Organizations seeking support for special events, tickets, tables or advertising for fundraising events
  • Organizations seeking seed money or support for start-up projects
  • Organizations seeking support for program-related investments (PRI)
  • Organizations’ local chapters (the Foundations typically fund initiatives at the national/headquarters level)
  • Organizations undergoing leadership transitions or with new leadership in place for less than one year
  • Organizations lacking demonstrable long-term impact on populations served
  • Individuals seeking support (a 501(c)(3) letter is required to receive funding)

In limited cases, the Foundations fund:

  • Endowment grants, provided the organization has an existing endowment with the Hearst Foundations and a track record of strong performance and consistent stewardship.
  • Organizations focusing on domestic abuse, substance abuse or child abuse
  • Food banks and food delivery
  • Faith-based organizations, provided that the services they offer are inclusive and fit within the Foundations’ guidelines

Please also note:

  • Declined organizations must wait one year from the date of their notice of decline before the Foundations will consider another request.
  • Grantee organizations must wait a minimum of three years from their grant award date before the Foundations will consider another request.
  • For more information on our grant-making practices, please visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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