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Funding Priorities in Health

The Hearst Foundations assist leading regional hospitals, medical centers and specialized medical institutions providing access to healthcare for high-need populations. In response to the shortage of healthcare professionals necessary to meet the country’s evolving healthcare demands, the Foundations also fund programs designed to enhance skills and increase the number of practitioners and educators across roles in healthcare. The Foundations also support public health, medical research and the development of young investigators to help create a broad and enduring impact on the nation’s health.

Funding Priorities in Health

In the recent past, 30% of total funding has been allocated to Health. Organizations with budgets over $10 million have received 80% of the funding in Health.

The Hearst Foundations are only able to fund approximately 25% of all grant requests, of which about 80% is directed to prior grantees and about 20% is targeted for new grantees.

Types of Support:

  • Program, capital and, on a limited basis, endowment support


Preference will be given to:

  • Professional development 
  • Programs improving access to high-quality healthcare for low-income populations, rural populations and/or veterans
  • Programs developing and providing specialized care for the complex needs of elderly populations
  • Programs providing behavioral and mental health care
  • Programs scaling innovative healthcare delivery systems to provide efficient, coordinated care
  • Research, particularly support for early career investigators and/or efforts related to finding new cures and treatments for prevalent diseases, such as cancer


Further information:

  • Minimum grant size is $100,000.
  • If a grant request is unsuccessful, an organization must wait a minimum of one year from the date of declination before reapplying.
  • Grantees must wait a minimum of three years from their grant award date before the Foundations will consider another request.
  • For more information on our process, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the Grant Request Evaluation Process pages.