We thank you for your interest in the Hearst Foundations’ online grant application process. The links to the online grant applications are found below. Please note that all applications must be completed using the Hearst Foundations’ Online Grant Application portal. Applications that are not submitted within three months of the date they were started will automatically be deleted from our database. Please use the Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to assist you in preparing for and completing an online application.


To begin a new Application:


Please select the link that best represents your request for funding to create a new application:


To return to an Application in process:


Once you have created your application, you may return to continue working on it HERE for three months. We recommend bookmarking this address. We also recommend using Google Chrome or Google Chrome Incognito as the browser for completing the application. 

Please  use the Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to assist in the application process. 



Please use these Instructional Videos for further assistance: 

Intro to the new Portal 

How to set-up a new password

For login information or other questions, please contact if your organization is located East of the Mississippi, or if your organization is located West of the Mississippi.