Mission & Goals

Hearst Foundations’ Mission

The Hearst Foundations identify and fund outstanding nonprofits to ensure that people of all backgrounds in the United States have the opportunity to build healthy, productive and inspiring lives.


Hearst Foundations’ Goals

The Foundations seek to achieve their mission by funding approaches that result in:

  • Improved health and quality of life
  • Access to high quality educational options to promote increased academic achievement
  • Arts and sciences serving as a cornerstone of society
  • Sustainable employment and productive career paths for adults
  • Stabilizing and supporting families


Hearst Foundations’ Approach:

  • Identify best-in-class organizations through the application process.
  • Support and grow uniquely impactful programs to create long-term benefits for low-income populations.
  • Monitor and measure the performance of grantees, using data to learn and improve our collective work.


Whom the Hearst Foundations seek to serve:

  • While the Foundations aim to create fulfilling lives for all Americans, they have a particular sense of urgency in addressing the needs of low-income populations.



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