2014 Winners Writing
2013 - 2014 Writing Winners
1st placeKyle ClaytonIndiana University
2nd placeMeredith RutlandUniversity of Florida
3rd placeM. Jessica ContreraIndiana University
4th placeMolly J. SmithArizona State University
5th placeSusie NeilsonNorthwestern University

Enterprise Reporting
1st PlaceKatie MettlerIndiana University
2nd PlaceLauren CarubaNorthwestern University
3rd PlaceJessica TullyPennsylvania State University
4th placeAndrew WagamanUniversity of Missouri
5th placeMatthew GlowickiIndiana University

1st PlaceAnastasia OrsoPennsylvania State University
2nd PlaceStephen PianovichPennsylvania State University
3rd PlaceMichael MajchrowiczIndiana University
4th placeZachary AbolverdiUniversity of Florida
5th placeFaiz SiddiquiUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln

1st PlaceChristina GallagherPennsylvania State University
2nd PlaceConnor RadnovichArizona State University
3rd PlaceLauren CarubaNorthwestern University
4th placeMichael MajchrowiczIndiana University
5th placeMatthew GlowickiIndiana University

Breaking News
1st PlaceMegan JulaIndiana University
2nd PlaceJulianne ParkerUniversity of Oregon
3rd PlaceDanielle KassUniversity of Missouri
4th placeJessica TullyPennsylvania State University
5th placeMichael AuslenIndiana University

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